We have come to a point in our nation's history where we need leaders grounded in integrity, kindness, and religious tolerance.

Each year, 3.2 million American students are victims of bullying. Intervention is minimal, with 85% of incidents ignored. The Bureau of Justice reports that these bullying incidents can lead to further violence, citing that 87% of students believe that school shootings are motivated by the desire to get back at those who have bullied them. Since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook, for example, there has been nearly one school shooting a week. Compounded with the polarizing issues of immigration, health care, national security, global warming, and women's rights, bullying has seeped into our culture and must be addressed at its core as soon as possible.

This is why we focus on early intervention with elementary school students, specifically giving them the tools to build positive thoughts and actions in themselves and their peers as a bullying prevention strategy. Based on Dr. Barbara Fredrickson's "Broaden and Build Theory," our two week program is designed to broaden students' awareness to a wider range of thoughts and actions which help them solve problems and build new skills and resources. Not only does this make students more constructive and creative, but it also builds life resources that make them more resilient.

Researchers Dr. Giacomo Bono and Dr. Jeffrey Froh report that by comparison, grateful kids are happier, more satisfied with their lives, more generous, more cooperative, and more likely to use their strengths to better their communities. Grateful kids also have higher GPAs, better self-esteem, and are more likely to see the bigger picture. Meet student Zoe Schwab, who has shown remarkable resilience and leadership since experiencing this program in January 2016:

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