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What Does Your Fear Look Like?

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It's NORMAL to Feel Afraid.

People can't control when they feel afraid. It's your nervous system's reaction to a situation that seems threatening to your safety or wellbeing. These threatening situations are called "stressors," and are the root cause of all stress. Whether you're cramming for a test or being chased by a bear, your nervous system will give you a jolt of energy (ie. your fear) to help you deal with the situation.

Situations That Trigger Fear & Anxiety
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You Are NOT Your Fear.

Think of Fear as a Little Friend.

Most people feel shame or guilt around their fear, or they try to push their anxiety away altogether. This is why it's helpful to think of fear as a little friend who has come to visit. Underneath the fear and anxiety, you are still calm and caring. You just have your little friend Fear visiting, who is trying to help you with something. When you imagine fear as a little friend who is separate from you, it's much easier to tolerate the sensations of fear while you figure out why it has arrived, and what you need to do next to help it calm down. 

Different Ways People Minimize Their Fear

Fear is Here to Help You

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When Fear is Here, You Might Feel...

  • Your heart beating faster

  • Your breathing becoming more shallow

  • Your eyes widening

  • Your face getting cold or numb

  • Your arm or leg hair prickling

  • Your body starting to sweat

  • Your body shaking or trembling

  • You might also notice your mouth go dry, your body bracing,  suddenly feeling sick to your stomach, or aches or pains in your body
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Click On an Emotion to Safely Feel Your Fear
& Wiggle Out Some of Its Energy:

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Wiggle Warriors Use Their Fear & Anxiety to Build Their Self-Esteem

"Self-Esteem" is your ability to trust yourself to be a responsible and caring human - even under stress. The more you know how to transform your stress into strength through practice, the more you will trust yourself to be responsible and caring no matter what the circumstance. 

We don't expect you to know how to do this yet. That's what our Wiggle Warrior Training is for! A Wiggle Warrior is someone who chooses to face their emotions with curiosity and kindness, no matter how scary they are.

Yes, negative emotions are uncomfortable, but they are here to empower you! Your fear will make you courageous; your anxiety will make you responsible; your anger will make you passionate and assertive; and your sadness will make you empathetic and caring. 

We know it's scary to face uncomfortable emotions. But the strength and resilience that come from doing this work is SO worth it.

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