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Befriend Your Annoyance

Sometimes people do things that get on our nerves and we start to feel annoyed. You can wiggle your annoyance into assertiveness by performing physical activities from the Wiggle Jar. Just scroll down to start your practice.

Your Wiggle Warrior® Practice:



First, do the biggest eye roll you can make and then get your whole body to do it too.

(Really, try it!)


 Next, shake everything in your body including your hair for 15 seconds.


 Next, shrug and sigh 8 times.


 Then spin around with your arms wide.


 And then to finish, take 5 deep breaths to shrink your annoyance to the size of a jellybean.

(Turn on the sound and press play.)




Now ask yourself, “What am I annoyed about? Did someone cross a boundary? Did something happen that wasn’t fair?”


Take the time to notice what you're feeling and identify what’s not working. Then use this energy to speak up and make a change.


Once you speak up in a kind and thoughtful way, you will feel better. So go for it!


It’s okay to feel annoyed.


Annoyance is here to help you get clear on what you need and speak up in a kind and thoughtful way. 


Trust yourself. You can do this!

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