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Glimmer of Gladness from Kelly Chapman

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2020

The day of the Boston Marathon Bombing, we had tickets to the Red Sox Game. Our plan going into the day was to get to the stadium early so that we could get a drink at Lucky Strike because my boyfriend’s college roommate worked there and we always saw him when we went to games. After the game, we planned to go straight to the finish line so that we could get as close as possible to the runners. But the morning of the marathon, we actually couldn’t find the Red Sox tickets. We couldn’t find them anywhere. When we tried to print them out again, our friend’s printer was broken so we had to go to Staples instead. While we were at Staples, my boyfriend got sick and a lot of really bizarre things happened that prevented us from visiting Lucky Strike before the game. Pressed for time, we decided to see his roommate after the game, which is why we were at Lucky Strike - not the finish line - when the bombs went off. Because of this, I never get upset when plans don’t work out because I believe that sometimes we are protected in ways we don’t even understand.


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