• 4 Gratitude Spots

  • 4,800 Sticky Notes

  • 400 Kindness Cards

  • Teacher Training Manual

  • Student Training Manual

  • 1 Year License to the Look for the Good Program and Online Training Platform 



SERVES 500 - 1,000 KIDS FOR 10 DAYS

  • 8 Gratitude Spots

  • 10,000 Sticky Notes

  • 1000 Kindness Cards

  • Teacher Training Manual

  • Student Leader Training Manual

  • 1 Year License to the Look for the Good Program and Online Training Platform 


For every credit card purchase through the links above, sixth grade teacher Bonnie Etense receives $100 towards bringing the Look for the Good Project to her son's school. Please consider paying online to help Bonnie reach her goal! 

An Interview with Bonnie Etense, Sixth Grade Teacher at East Shore Middle School in Milford, CT: 


Where and when have you run the Gratitude Campaign program? 

2015 - 2017 in Milford Elementary Schools

What has been your experience?

I first met Look for the Good Founder, Anne Kubitsky, at a Connecticut Association of Schools Student Leadership Conference. After hearing her story, with the support of my student leaders and administration, I immediately brought the program back to our school. From there, I served as the teacher advisor for the program and was incredibly impressed by how students embraced the Gratitude Campaign. Running the program provided a very meaningful opportunity for student leaders to come together for a common purpose to make a positive impact on the school climate. Student leaders felt empowered and excited to share the program with the school community. Each year we made the program “ours” to reflect our current student population and their needs. In fact, our Look for the Good assemblies were planned and led by student leaders. 


What do you like most about the Gratitude Campaign program?

I love the school-wide gratitude wall. What an incredible opportunity for your school community to publicly share what they value and hold close to their hearts. I also love how gratitude walls change and evolve over the course of the program, but also from school to school.


Why do you think other schools should experience this? How will it improve the school climate?

Look for the Good places a positive focus on “the good” in and around the school community. Students and staff will notice how easy it is to be on the lookout for kindness and gratitude throughout the days that follow your program. Sharing gratitude and practicing being grateful becomes a part of the daily activities of the school. Instead of pointing out the negative, students start to notice the good in each other.


Why have you chosen to be a Look for the Good Ambassador?

I wholeheartedly believe in the Look for the Good program and the positive impact it can have on a school community. 


How will the money you earn from being an Ambassador support your work as an educator?

Currently, I am working in a middle school with many of the students who participated in Look for the Good in elementary school. I am hoping to work with Look for the Good to develop a middle school model of the program that builds on the elementary experience. Middle school is a powerful opportunity to support students in finding their voices and strengthen their social emotional skills both in and out of the classroom. 


I am also hoping to bring the program to my son’s school next year. He has experienced Family Gratitude Night at our schools where we invite families to connect and share in team building and other bonding activities. He is looking forward to participating in the program with his classmates and teachers. 

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