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Learn About the Broaden & Build Theory in Psychology

The Broaden and Build Theory was first proposed by research scientist, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. She states that positive emotions, like gratitude, can build internal resources to help us cope with stress and become more flexible and resilient.


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Then you'll really enjoy our school program! The Look for the Good® Program is a two-week, school-wide gratitude campaign led by student leaders in K - 6 school communities. It comes with a kit of materials and an online training portal to help a student leadership team run a school-wide initiative.

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Also Try Our Wiggle Warrior® Challenge To Help You Look For The Good When You're Stressed

The Wiggle Warrior® Challenge is a free online activity to help K - 3 kids and their caregivers learn how to constructively use stressful feelings to identify their needs and make healthy choices. 

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