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look for the good, gratitude, social emotional learning, SEL, You Matter

Want to Bring Social Emotional Learning to Your District? Start with a Gratitude Campaign!

Our Program is normally $500 - $850 per school.

But districts of 3 schools or more get a discount!


Brooker Creek Elementary School

Tarpon Springs, Florida

West Terrace Elementary School

Evansville, Indiana

John H. Amesse Elementary School

Denver, Colorado


We Prepare School Communities for Social Emotional Learning

According to a study of 97,000 K - 12 students, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Practices can boost academic success, decrease disruptive behavior, and reduce emotional stress in the long term. But in order to achieve these goals, school communities must be ready to learn. Otherwise, SEL programs fall flat. Without school-wide readiness for SEL learning, programs are implemented in superficial or fragmented ways; youth voice goes missing from the strategy; adults forget to model the skills, or worse - they create resentment by telling students how to feel. This is why Look for the Good Project creates a readiness for SEL learning through a systematic two-week, school-wide Gratitude Campaign. 

We Focus on Gratitude Because it Cultivates Joy, Kindness & Resilience

According to UCLA's Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, "having an attitude of gratitude changes the molecular structure of the brain, keeps gray matter functioning and makes us happier and healthier. When you feel happiness, the central nervous system is affected. You are more peaceful, less reactive and less resistant." In addition, researchers from the Greater Good Science Center report that grateful kids are happier, more satisfied with their lives, more generous, more cooperative, and more likely to use their strengths to better their communities. 

Our Student-Led, School-Wide Gratitude Campaign Program

The program is easy to implement, scalable, inexpensive, empowering, and builds positive relationships between children and adults throughout the school. So far, 150,000 kids in 35 states have used the program to generate two million messages of gratitude to uplift their communities. Feedback from school staff has been 100% positive and 92% of students reported that they would recommend the program to other schools. Most importantly, it prepares an entire school community to handle stress, conflict, and disappointment in a positive, constructive way.

look for the good, gratitude, social emotional learning, SEL, You Matter


Lenox & Lincoln Elementary Schools, Pompton Lakes, NJ

We surveyed both schools separately, and their results were almost identical: 92 - 93% of kids thought that the program made everyone more kind; 81 - 82% of kids thought that there was less bullying during the program; AND 97 - 98% of kids reported that they would recommend the program to other schools!

This is a Fun & Systematic Approach to Preparing a School for Social Emotional Learning

look for the good, gratitude, social emotional learning, SEL, You Matter
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