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Zapped? You're Not Alone.

Burnout is a form of extreme physical and mental exhaustion which results from situations that are too much, for too long, without enough support. Last fall, there was actually a 221% spike in google searches for the term “signs of burnout.” So, if you're struggling with this, you're not alone. We created a free resource to help you understand why you might be feeling this way and what practical steps you can take to recharge.

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What Stage of Burnout Are YOU In?

These stages describe various levels of nervous system dysregulation.

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Optimistic But Overwhelmed

  • Guilt, Shame & Anxiety
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Maladaptive Coping Strategies
  • Low Energy
  • Limited Pursuit of Passions or Hobbies Outside of Work
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Overwhelmed & Getting Cynical

  • Easily Irritated
  • Bringing Work Home And Not Completing It
  • Feeling Like There's Never Time for Friends or Family
  • Guilt From Not Doing Enough for Students
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Cynical & Exhausted

  • Starting to Isolate
  • Feeling Paranoid
  • Constant Feeling That School Goals and Your Goals Will Not Be Met
  • A Refusal to Engage in PDs or Social Events
  • Cynical & Apathetic
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Dissociating & People-Pleasing

  • Spacing Out & Feeling Exhausted
  • Unable to Say, "No"
  • Numb & Unable to Feel Emotions
  • Frequent Ailments or Toxic Relationships
  • Hyperactive or Frozen
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Meet Yourself Where You're At & Learn How to Wiggle Your Stress Into Strength

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Bring Wiggle Warrior® Classroom to Your K - 6 Students!

Wiggle Warrior® Classroom is a playful, on-demand classroom management tool which helps teachers and students work with their emotions, instead of against them. Children learn how to build their self-esteem by making "sunshine choices," which are decisions that are respectful, responsible, and kind. 

License Wiggle Warrior® Classroom for $100

A Wiggle Warrior® is a Person Who Can Wiggle Their Stress into Strength

(This is Maya and her cat Sunny. Maya is a Wiggle Warrior®.)

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Meet the Emotion Characters Presented in the Program

Sample Classroom Lesson


No Classroom Preparations are Required.

Wiggle Warrior® Classroom is Plug & Play!

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For Grades K - 1

  • 1 Read Along
  • 3 Dance Alongs
  • 17 Audio Wiggle Alongs
  • 11 Animated Breathing Videos
  • Optional Seven-Month Journal to Support Students & Track Progress
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For Grades 2 - 4

  • 5 Classroom Lesson Videos
  • 11 Animated Breathing Videos
  • 4 Classroom Energizer Videos, including a 4-minute Dance Along
  • Optional Seven-Month Journal to Support Students & Track Progress
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For Classroom & PE Teachers

  • 6 Calming & Educational Videos to Support Educators
  • 2 Physical Education Activity Videos for P.E. Educators
  • Downloadable Activities & Classroom Management Tips

If you are a Teacher of Grades 5 & 6, we encourage you to buy our Wiggle Warrior® Journals and present our video lessons in the context of a leadership opportunity so that your students can mentor younger kids. 

Read Sample Journal for Grades 5 & 6
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Save $100 & Get Wiggle Warrior® Classroom FOR FREE!

When your school runs our Look for the Good® Program, we will give every educator in the school Wiggle Warrior® Classroom for FREE! Watch the video for a sneak peak of the program and more info about this fantastic money-saving opportunity.

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Wiggle Warrior® Classroom Was Created By Our Founder, Anne Kubitsky

Anne is the Founder & CEO of Look for the Good Project, Inc. She has received numerous awards for her innovative efforts to create social change, including the "Points of Light Award" - a community service award originating out of The White House. She holds a dual degree in biology and philosophy from Smith College, with additional undergraduate and graduate training in graphic design, illustration, and art education. Anne is a trauma survivor and has been studying meditation, yoga, spirituality, psychology, and a variety of therapeutic models for over 20 years. Look for the Good Project is her effort to support the larger community with the healing tools she has discovered along the way.

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The Program is Presented by Grammy®-Nominated Musician & Actress Jessica DeShong

Jessica DeShong is a Grammy®-nominated American musician and actress. Born into a culturally diverse military family of Korean, African and Caucasian influences, she has had the pleasure of exploring many different cultures her entire life. This lifelong experience has enabled her to be skilled and adaptable within the entertainment industry. Jessica is the creator of the YouTube kids channel "Miss Jessica’s World" which helps kids foster a love of learning through music, movement and cultural exploration. Along with her captivating acting abilities, Jessica is a talented voice over artist, vocalist, pianist, violist and songwriter, bringing to life every piece of music she touches. As an artist, she seeks to be involved in projects that empower her audience, encourage thought, laughter and healing.

A Lot of Research Went into Developing Wiggle Warrior® Classroom:

(We encourage you to check out these resources if you need more support)