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Befriend Your Excitement

Excitement is your power to express joy! Excitement feels great when you let it flow through you into play and movement. But if you’re not used to feeling excited, or your excitement makes it hard to control your behavior, you might actually feel a little anxious about it too. Let’s wiggle through the feeling so we can decide whether to direct it into either work or play. Just scroll down to start your practice.

Your Wiggle Warrior® Practice:



First, do a happy dance!

(Really, try it!)


 Next, bounce your shoulders up and down 11 times.


 Next, throw imaginary confetti in the air.


 Next, give yourself a BIG HUG and twist and giggle.


 And then to finish, take 3 calming breaths.



When excitement arrives, we normally have a lot of energy to do or say something. It’s okay to be excited. Enjoy it! Let it inspire you to PLAY!


If it’s not the right time to run around and play, you can channel your excitement into creativity and focus.


Ask yourself, “What am I excited about? Is there anything I’m looking forward to? What is one thing I can do right now to make sure that happens?”


Create a goal and then focus all your excited energy into achieving this goal. You can do it!

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