In 1988, Mr. Rogers wrote to Look for the Good Project Founder, Anne Kubitsky, after she sent him a photo of herself (at 5 years old).

Dear Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators,

Television Host Mr. Rogers is famous for saying, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’


Thank you for being a helper... and thank you for teaching our children to be helpers too.


We are living in stressful times. As adults, how do we respond to tragedy? What do we do during conflict? How do we add positivity to our lives and nurture kindness and civility in our society? Children watch and learn through our example.

Thirty years after meeting Mr. Rogers in person, I am still amazed at how gentle he was. How he wasn’t afraid of conflict... to speak out against hate... or just marvel at the wonderment of living. “You are special, just because you’re you,” he would say.

In January 2016 (after 5 years of running gratitude campaigns in hospitals, corporations, and outdoor parks), I launched the Look for the Good Project’s two week school program at Doolittle School in Cheshire, CT. Since then, we have opened an office at the Connecticut Association of Schools and over 120,000 children in 30 states have generated over a million messages of gratitude. Simple and unassuming, this “cute kids program” trickles up to adults through the hearts of children, reminding us all to “look for the good.” 

In the first year, we reached 18 schools; The second year, 100 schools; And we have quickly surpassed that number for our third year. All through word of mouth. This means that this program works. Kids love it. And your leadership really matters. If you want to see more helpers in the world, be one... and invite others to join you. Thank you for mobilizing your community during this polarized time in our country. Together we can make a difference!

Anne Kubitsky

CEO + Founder

Look for the Good Project, Inc.



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