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Befriend Your Frustration

Sometimes we try really hard but things don't turn out the way we want. You can wiggle your frustration into motivation by performing physical activities from the Wiggle Jar! Just scroll down to start your practice.

Your Wiggle Warrior® Practice:


First, stomp in place (feet or hands) and count down from 10. 

(Really, try it!)



Next, twist and punch the air while growling.



Next, look up and clap your hands above your head 7 times.



Now, touch your toes as you think about another way to get what you want or need.



 And then to finish, take 5 deep breaths to shrink your frustration to the size of a jellybean.

(Turn on the sound and press play.)




Now ask yourself, “What am I frustrated about? Is something much harder than I thought it would be?”


Normally frustration shows up when an obstacle appears or something isn’t going the way we want. Instead of fighting against the obstacle, use your frustration to build off what's already working.


How can you look at the situation differently? Is there any way to get to a similar goal using a different path? What’s still working that you can be grateful for? 


It’s okay to feel frustrated. 


Frustration is here to help you get clear on what’s not working and to give you the energy to shift to a new path or goal. 


Once you’ve wiggled out some more of your feelings, you’ll be ready to make a deliberate choice on what to do or say. 


Trust yourself. You got this!

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