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Befriend Your Heartbreak

Heartbreak helps you accept a loss, honor your grief and slow down enough to heal. Just scroll down to start your practice.

When Heartbreak Happens,

It’s Time to Slow Down...



No matter how much this hurts, remember that this feeling will not last forever. 


Heartbreak shows up when a loss has occurred  - whether it'd a person, a pet, a place, a thing, an idea, a relationship, or something else that was really important to you. 


Your grief will come and go like waves in an ocean, and you may feel other feelings like anger and frustration, uncertainty and overwhelm, or maybe even a little gratitude and joy from time to time. All of these feelings are normal because there is no one way to grieve. Be gentle with yourself and ask your friends and family for support when you need it.


Even though it can hurt a lot, heartbreak clears the way for healing. Give yourself all the time you need.


Now take 5 deep breaths:


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