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Look for the Good Hero Award

The Look for the Good Hero Award is a $1,000 gift given to a student or teacher showing remarkable resilience. It was created in memory of Margaret Worthen, who died nine years after she had a stroke. With severe limitations on her mobility and speech after the stroke, Margaret was only able to say seven words during those nine years, two of which were "thank you."

look for the good, gratitude, social emotional learning, SEL, You Matter, Spencer Cicarella

Spencer Cicarella

2019 Look for the Good Hero

Spencer was awarded the 2019 Look for the Good Hero Award for spreading kindness all around his school during a very difficult time. 


look for the good, gratitude, social emotional learning, SEL, You Matter, Cindy Sultini

Cindy Sultini

2018 Look for the Good Hero

Sometimes we must keep a student's identity and story private, which was the case in 2018. Because of this, we took the time to also honor a remarkable social worker, Cindy Sultini, who has been a wonderful mentor to our 2015 and 2016 Look for the Good Heroes. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support children under her care, and we were delighted to surprise her with this honor at the Connecticut Association of Schools. She also helped us present the award to our 2018 student Hero at a private event.  


Marcus Sanchez

2017 Look for the Good Hero

With both parents incarcerated by the time he was three, Marcus is forever grateful to his Aunt Patrice who took him in and has cared for him ever since. He says, "There is hope for your future. Even if you had a rough start, that doesn't mean you have to have a rough ending." 


Mike Cicarella

2016 Look for the Good Hero

When Mike was eight years old, his mother had a stroke, setting him on a challenging path of "looking for the good." Since then, he has become the official narrator for our K - 6 School Program and has inspired thousands of kids to look for the good. At thirteen, Mike is now sharing his story at events like this one.


Gabby Matteis

2015 Look for the Good Hero

Shortly after Gabby participated in the Look for the Good Project, her father committed suicide. Struggling to cope with her loss, Gabby decided to make bracelets to raise money for suicide prevention. After selling these in her school, she presented this money to the Look for the Good Project so that we could share her message with InterCommunity, a mental health clinic, to help patients in addiction recovery.


Honorary Heroes

Congratulations also to Teagan Hawkins, our Honorary Look for the Good Hero; Zoe Schwab our MVP on our 2016 Search Committee; and Faith Russell from Griswold Elementary School!

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