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Check Out Our Look for the Good Path in Kinzoo!

Kinzoo is safe messaging app for families featuring games, stickers, draw-together features, and more! We highly recommend this free app (especially while they are featuring our program!). 

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How to Download the LFTG Path in Kinzoo 


Download the Kinzoo app from here: 

App Store >>

Play store >>

Sign up for Kinzoo as a parent or kid 

  • For parents: Create an account and add your kid 
  • For kids: Choose the kid option and pick an avatar (if you want to add your family and friends your  parent must do so once they have made an account linked to yours) 

Go into the path center 
Press the purple plus on the home screen and choose the blue path center icon from the drop-down menu 

Follow the Path 
-Find the look for the good path in the main path category or in the other paths category (same as our logo) 
-Select it and press follow path, if it is selected properly, you should be returned to the screen with the other paths  

Return to Home Screen  
-Press the back arrow in the top left corner to return to your Home Screen 

Go into the LFTG path 
-The Look for the good path should appear on screen as a circular icon with the LFTG logo 

Start using the path 
-Go through the path and have fun learning about your emotions!