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Underneath All Your Stress, You Have a Sunshine Self. Your Sunshine Self is...


a sense of being able to ride the waves of life without overwhelm. Less white-knuckling it and more of an unflappable type approach to what life brings. Helps with creating Clarity.


 a sense of being able to see situations without the distortion of fearful beliefs and intense emotions. Decision making becomes easier. Setting boundaries becomes easier. Helps with confidence.


a sense of inquisitiveness and openness. We might ask questions instead of jump to conclusions. We are less defensive with others.


a sense of understanding and empathy towards others, often because we can relate to the same suffering. A softness or tenderness emerges rather than defensiveness. Leads to a desire to help others and decreases our sense of separation and disconnectedness.

Not There? Good News - Your Stress Is What Helps You Find It!

ALL Emotions Lead to Calm. Learn About the Biological Impulses That Drive Emotion

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