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American Chil­dren Are In The Middle of a Men­tal Health Cri­sis

In the last few years, traumatic events have fueled what the U.S. surgeon general has called "a mental health pandemic for youth." According to the 2022 Kids Count Data Book, the number of children struggling to make it through the day rose nearly 26%. Without some sort of intervention, these negative trends may turn into devastating life outcomes for an entire generation. 

Why This Matters
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Caregivers Are Burnt Out

Burnout is a form of extreme physical and mental exhaustion which results from situations that are too much, for too long, without enough support. It's like a zapped battery. In 2021, there was a 221% spike in google searches for the term “signs of burnout.” So, if you're struggling with this, you're not alone. 

Burnout Check-In

Kids Need More Support

When caregivers are burnt out and children are left alone with their stress, it causes an imbalance in self-regulation strategies that can negatively impact their ability to develop into healthy, functional adults. 

Learn About Emotional Neglect
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We Offer Community-Care Programs That Support Everyone

We focus on schools because they are often the central location where adults and children interact and learn how to be healthy members of society. By introducing stress-reducing tools for kids in schools, we are also likely to reach the parents and teachers who care for them. In this way, we hope to improve intergenerational relationships, revitalize community connection, and encourage healthy leadership among students and staff.

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We've Been Working On This For Over A Decade

Anne Kubitsky, CEO & Founder, originally started this effort as a public art initiative to "look for the good." Since then, we've been encouraging people to build "Gratitude Walls" to  start a conversation within their own community. A Gratitude Wall is a collection of grateful moments written by community members to beautify the space and create a focal point of community safety, belonging, vulnerability, and pride. This video was created in 2013, before our nonprofit was established.

The Science of Gratitude

A Mental Health Solution For The Entire Community

While many mental health interventions exist to support people on an individual level, there are few frameworks that support community-wide healing. Our community-care programs encourage adults and children to care for themselves through service-based activities which create a felt sense of safety and belonging. Community-care programs increase the likelihood that all children will have access to at least one safe adult, regardless of social or economic status, to greatly improve outcomes.

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Join Our Movement

Our Look for the Good® School Program is a two-week, school-wide initiative that helps students and teachers express gratitude for themselves, each other, and the people who matter to them. It helps the community cultivate a sense of belonging and connects kids to safe "sunshine" adults who can support them and also model healthy behavior.

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