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Befriend Your Panic

When too much happens, too fast, you might start to panic. Wiggle your panic into perseverance by performing physical activities from the Wiggle Jar! Just scroll down to start your practice.

Your Wiggle Warrior® Practice:



When you're panicking, the best thing to do is slow down and breathe. The key is to elongate your exhale as much as possible. Also, purse your lips like you're trying to cool off a cup of hot chocolate. Use this animation to take 5 slow breaths and shrink your stress.

(Turn on the sound and press play.)



 Next, if you need to move, shake your arms and legs like you're getting something gooey off.


 Next, try touching your thumb to each finger, one at a time.


 And then focus on this spot, or close your eyes and breathe deeply for as long as you need.

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