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Ventnor Elementary's "Look for the good" project

By TRISHA QUAN For The Press Feb 1, 2019

VENTNOR - Ventnor Elementary School Students participated in the Look for the Good Project 10-day Campaign for Gratitude & Kindness from Jan. 14 to Jan. 25.

There are four components to the Look for the Good Campaign; gratitude spots that students can step on in the hallways and think about something they feel grateful for, you matter cards which help to turn all of the gratitude into kindness, the gratitude wall where students can post their daily sticky notes of what they are thankful for and lastly, a you matter letter is written and read it to the person who matters to them most.

The Good Student Leaders were chosen by teachers to assist Miss Polise, the Elementary School Counselor and Look for the Good Project Coordinator. These fourth grade student leaders helped to get the school ready for the 10-day campaign by making posters to promote gratitude, participating in the kick-off assembly, handing out you matter cards, and reading morning announcements.

The Look for the Good Project was partially funded this year through a grant written by Miss Jenna Polise, the Ventnor Elementary School Counselor, and Mrs. Carmela Somershoe, the Ventnor Elementary School Principal.

The Elementary School has put many initiatives and programs in place this year in order to increase student Social Emotional Learning and overall to positively impact the school climate and students character education.

The students had an awesome time participating in the 10-day campaign and hope to be able to do this again every year. The gratitude spots will remain in the hallways for the rest of the school year in order to remind students to always Look for the Good.

Studies show that students who practice gratitude have better grades and more confidence in reaching their goals. Gratitude helps students to have a more positive attitude, it helps them to have better relationships with friends and family, it helps students to be a more positive person and it also increases intelligence.

Visit the Ventnor Educational Community Complex website at www.veccnj.org to see the Ventnor Elementary School video of the Look for the Good Project 10-day gratitude campaign. For more information on the Look for the Good Project, visit www.lookforthegoodproject.org.

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