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Message from Our Board Chair:

"This time is showing us all of our frayed edges, our list of denials and priorities, and overwhelm in the unknown. Our emotions are bubbling up and are no longer contained by 'normal.' My pull to this project comes from a deep need to build bridges using self-awareness. After decades of inner work, the only way I have found to connect the inner awareness we all have to our everyday is through how we feel. We have not created a common language or a simple way to understand our emotions. Instead we have become increasingly reactive. This is our attempt, with Anne’s clarity and focus, to begin to remedy that." - Tess Morrison

Advisory Committee

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Larry Koffler

Executive Vice President
of BCW-Global

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Carly Strife

Co-Founder of Bark & Co. & NYC Operations Manager of Uber

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Amy Yost

Principal, Sunnyside
Elementary School

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Glenn Lungarini

Director of the Connecticut Association of Schools

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Dr. Karissa Niehoff

Director of the National Federation of High Schools

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Dr. Barbara Fredrickson

Director, Positive Emotions & Psychophysiology Laboratory

2021 Program & Product Development

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Anne Kubitsky

Lead Writer, Artist, Designer & Creative Director

Anne is the Founder & CEO of Look for the Good Project, with formal training in quantitative ecology, Buddhist philosophy, children's illustration, and graphic design. She has received numerous awards for her innovative efforts to create social change - including the "Point of Light Award," a community service award originating out of The White House. She also received a "Look for the Good Day" proclamation from the Mayor of Hartford and was the subject of an original song written by Connecticut State Troubadour, Kate Callahan. She holds a BA in Biological Sciences & Philosophy from Smith College with additional training from Paier College of Art. She has been the lead author on our programming and picture books for the last 10 years.

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Kari Yacawych

Education Specialist, Writer & Blog Curator

Kari Yacawych has been a teacher for the past 27 years. She spent the first 20 years of her teaching experience as a classroom teacher, in the first, second, and fourth grades. For the past seven years, she has been the Library Media Specialist at Sunnyside Elementary School. Kari has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a Concentration in Psychology and a Master of Science in Education. Kari started working on content last year when the Gratitude Campaign needed to be translated into content that could be delivered to students in a variety of ways due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Kari lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children, Tyler, 15, and Rylee, 12.

Animation & Illustration

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Song Na

Character Design

In order to write and illustrate 10+ books in a year and a half (and prepare to animate our characters shortly afterwards), we decided to purchase fully rigged 3D characters built by a talented artist named Song Na. Song Na is the creator of Maya Talbey and her yellow cat Sunny.

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Character Design, Rendering & Animation

To pose Maya and Sunny, and animate our emotion characters, we hired ANMP. They are a group of passionate artists who decided to join their skills together to create a magical team. They are responsible for all our animations and bringing Maya and Sunny to life!

Check Out Their Website

Our Concepts Are Research Based

Our Gratitude Campaign is Inspired by the "Broaden & Build" Theory

The Broaden and Build Theory was first proposed by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson (one of our advisors!) as a way to address the lack of research on positive emotions and the greater emphasis on negative ones. Rather than arguing that positive emotions should replace negative emotions, Dr. Fredrickson argues that both positive and negative emotions are necessary to build resilience. The idea is that positive emotions like gratitude can build internal resources to cope with negative emotions, making people more resilient and flexible. 


"The Heart Map" in Our Wiggle Warrior® Training is an Adapted Version of The Change Triangle®

Learn More About The Change Triangle

Guest Experts

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Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW

AEDP Psychoanalyst, Author & Guest Blogger

Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW, is the author of the award-winning book, It’s Not Always Depression, which is based on her work as a therapist. Hilary received her BA in biochemistry from Wesleyan University and an MSW from Fordham University. She is a certified psychoanalyst and AEDP psychotherapist and supervisor, and has published articles in The New York TimesTimeOprah, and other major media outlets. Her blog "The Change Triangle" is read worldwide. Hilary is the co-developer of the Emotions Education 101 Curriculum and Turnkey Program which you can learn about on her website. She is the inspiration behind our Wiggle Warrior® Training!

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Brooklyn Raney

Trusted Adult Expert, Author & Guest Blogger

Brooklyn is the Founder and Lead Trainer of One Trusted Adult, an organization that provides programming for educators, professionals working with youth, parents and guardians, and young people, to ensure that every young person has at least one trusted adult. She is the founder and director of the Girls' Leadership Camp, a group that hosts a one-week summer camp for middle school girls, as well as one-day boosts and leadership conferences. She is also a co-founder of Generation Change, a nonprofit that seeks to embolden youth to be empathetic and compassionate change makers through cross-generational mentorship. Website:

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Jessica DeShong

Wiggle Warrior Narrator & Guest Vlogger

Jessica DeShong is an actress and musician living in Los Angeles, CA. Jessica is the creator of the YouTube kids channel "Miss Jessica’s World" which helps kids foster a love of learning through music, movement and cultural exploration. Her hope is to become a more modern version of Mister Rogers, and is excited to be representing Look for the Good Project in our audio and video programs!


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