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Befriend Your Resentment

Sometimes life isn’t fair and we feel can end up feeling resentful. You can use your resentment to make a change by doing a few physical activities from the Wiggle Jar. Just scroll down to start your practice.

Your Wiggle Warrior® Practice:



First, put your hands on your belly and take three, deep cleansing breaths. 

(Really, try it!)


 Next, shake invisible yuck off your hands. Shake your whole body if you need to.



Next, spread your arms wide and use your hands to create a protective shield all around you.


Now, punch the air and growl.


 Next, dust off your shoulders.



Then, put your hands on your heart and tell yourself this: “I trust myself. I know myself. Resentment has shown up because I'm not getting something I need.”


 And then to finish, take 5 deep breaths to shrink your resentment to the size of a jellybean.

(Turn on the sound and press play.)




Now, ask yourself, “What am I resentful about? What is going on that I don’t like? Am I not getting something that I really need?”


Instead of getting stuck in your resentment, you can use it to make a change. Is there a different way you'd like to be treated? What kind of situation would you like to experience instead? 


Your resentment will continue to grow until you reset the situation. So identify what might be causing your resentment, and create a plan to change that and prevent it from happening in the future.


Be patient and think it through. 

And if you get stuck, ask a safe adult to help you.


You can do it!

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