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What Does Your Sadness Look Like?

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It's NORMAL to Feel Sad.

People can't control when they feel sad. Sadness is your nervous system's reaction to a loss or a change. Whether you're disappointed that you didn't get picked for the team or struggling with a major loss, your nervous system is trying to use sadness to get you to slow down to process the change. Give yourself the time and care you need.

Situations That Can Trigger Sadness
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You Are NOT Your Sadness.

Think of Sadness as a Little Friend.

Most people feel shame or anxiety around their sadness, and maybe even a little disgust. Sadness is not a sign of weakness; it's evidence that your nervous system is working properly. Everyone gets sad sometimes! But since sadness can be hard to admit, it's helpful to think of sadness as a little friend who has come to visit. When you imagine your sadness as separate from you, it's much easier to tolerate the feeling while you figure out how to sit with it and comfort it. 

Different Ways People Reject Their Sadness

Sadness is Here to Help You

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When Sadness is Here, You Might Feel...

  • A heavy sensation in your heart

  • Your breathing becoming more shallow

  • Your eyes tearing

  • Your mouth getting dry or losing your appetite

  • Suddenly feeling really tired or sluggish

  • Your stomach getting queasy

  • Your throat tightening, and difficulty speaking or making eye contact

  • You might also notice more pain in your body, a strong desire to scroll on your phone or binge watch a TV show, or to eat when you're not even hungry.
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Click On an Emotion to Safely Feel Your Sadness
& Gently Wiggle Through Some of Its Energy:

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Wiggle Warriors Use Their Sadness & Heartbreak to Build Their Self-Esteem

"Self-Esteem" is your ability to trust yourself to be a responsible and caring human - even under stress. The more you know how to transform your stress into strength through practice, the more you will trust yourself to be responsible and caring no matter what the circumstance. 

We don't expect you to know how to do this yet. That's what our Wiggle Warrior Training is for. A Wiggle Warrior is someone who chooses to face their emotions with curiosity and kindness, no matter how overwhelming they are.

Yes, negative emotions are uncomfortable, but they are here to empower you. Your fear will make you courageous; your anxiety will make you responsible; your anger will make you passionate and assertive; and your sadness will make you empathetic and caring. 

We know it's scary to face uncomfortable emotions. But the strength and resilience that come from doing this work is SO worth it.

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