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Befriend Your Sadness

Sometimes a change occurs and we feel sad. You can wiggle your sadness into self-care by doing a few physical activities from the Wiggle Jar. Let’s practice. 

Your Wiggle Warrior® Practice:


First, give yourself a hug, and let out a big sigh. 

(Really, try it!)



Next, cup your hands over your eyes and take three ocean sounding breaths.


 Next, lie down and reach your hands over your head 10 times and think about one thing you’re grateful for.


 And then to finish, take 5 calming breaths to shrink your sadness.

(Turn on the sound and press play.)




Now, ask yourself, “What am I sad about? Did I lose something or someone? Am I upset about something that happened?”  


When sadness arrives, it’s time to slow down. 


Take the time to sit with your sadness and ask it what it needs.


Does your sadness need a hug? A nap? Some alone time? A cup of hot chocolate?


As long as you don't reject your sadness, it will normally calm down. As you sit with your sadness, be curious (not critical) so that it can show you what to do next. 


No matter what anyone else has told you, it’s okay to feel sad. 


Sadness arrives to help you honor a loss, accept a change, or simply heal. If you need support, ask someone for a hug or a listening ear.


Be kind to your sadness and take the time to listen to it. It will tell you what it needs.   

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