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Is Your Stress Stuck in the I'm Fine Box?

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Stress is a Bodily Reaction

  • Your breathing gets fast and shallow.
  • Your cheeks flush and your face might feel really hot. You may also start to sweat.
  • You might feel dizzy or confused.
  • Your heart beats faster to prepare for quick action. 
  • Chemicals get sent to your arms and legs in case they need to run or fight, which might make them feel tight, twitchy, or wobbly.
  • You may feel sick to your stomach, nervous, or really emotional. 


Your I'm Fine Box Helps You Put This Stress on Hold.

We All Need This Box Sometimes.

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It Helps Us Get Stuff Done.

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But If We Leave Our Stress in the Box for Too Long, Other Feelings Show Up Instead:

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These Emotions Are Called "The Squasher Squad" Because They Squash Your Self-Confidence

(And replace it with anxiety, guilt & shame)

This is Why Wiggle Warriors® Aren't Afraid
to Take Their Stress Out of the Box.

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They Rebuild Their Confidence By Wiggling Their Stress into Strength:

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They Use This Map To Figure Out Where They Are in The Process.

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They Use a Special Tool Called a "Wiggle Jar" to Scoop Out a Little Stress at a Time.

(To put some stress in the jar, just name your emotion)

If They Get Overwhelmed, They Take Some Deep Breaths to Shrink Their Stress.

(Turn on your sound and press play to practice)


Then They Literally Wiggle to Burn Off Some of the Stress!

(Animals naturally do this too!)

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This Helps Them Make Sunshine Choices

Because Wiggle Warriors have wiggled a lot of their stress out of their bodies, their hearts are calm enough to make choices that feel warm and nurturing - like sunshine!

Sunshine Choices are Respectful, Responsible & Kind.

If Wiggle Warriors® Get Tired, They Take a Break and Watch This:


They Practice Being Curious Because They Know Their Stress is Here to Help Them Meet a Need

Instead of criticizing themselves about the stress, they get curious about why the stress is here. Watch this video to learn more.


This Curiosity Makes Wiggle Warriors® Amazing Sunshine Friends 

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Are You Ready to Unpack Your Box & Become a Wiggle Warrior?

Yes! I'm ready to unpack my box!