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Thanks to a generous donor, we are able to offer a free online program to help families navigate difficult emotions and low energy. It’s called “Look for the Good School” and helps identify emotions and the questions they ask of us. It comes with a workbook and a free password protected website with videos and downloads to offer a common language about all that we experience inside. 

Teachers, administrators, and social workers - check it out and then share this free program with school families.

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Stressed? Help Your Family Befriend Their Uncomfortable Emotions

To reduce screen time for your child, purchase our 90 page, full-color workbook. Use the book to start meaningful conversations with your child. There's a section for parents at the back of the book, as well as plenty of engaging exercises for your child.

If you are an educator or are familiar with Social Emotional Learning (SEL), we have aligned the book with the first two competencies of CASEL Standards, since all other skills build off the mastery of these two:

1) Self-Awareness: To accurately recognize one's own emotions and how they influence behavior.

2) Self-Management: To effectively manage stress & control impulses.

Please email us if you would like to purchase this workbook in bulk: [email protected]

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"I have recommended this book to my therapist, my doctor, and everyone I know who has children. It's a book I wish I had growing up. I suspect I'd have a very different and much more positive internal life. Everyone should read this book big or small. Great for families trying to manage tough emotions in tight quarters."

- Margot Wampler

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"The descriptions are so helpful and freeing. Honestly, as an adult I liked having language to guide myself in these hard conversations with my kids. The graphics and images are not only gorgeous but so fun. My kids enjoyed pointing out what they liked for various characters and silly aspects of their facial expressions."
- Pamela McKerring
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"I ordered the workbook and shared it with my supervisor and we absolutely love it. It definitely works for the young adults that we work with at Vista Life Innovations, a full-service organization supporting individuals with autism, learning disabilities and special needs. We are looking at ways to implement it into our curriculum."

- Keera Swan

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"As a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, one of the most challenging questions I face from parents is: 'Doctor, how do we talk to our children about what’s going on, especially, when everything is scary and uncertain for ourselves?'
"This COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives around the world. Imagine being a kid in these uncertain times, and feeling all these emotions that you have never felt before. Imagine how stressful and challenging it is, to develop and grow a healthy self-esteem when everything around you is scary, and you can’t understand why!
"Kids’ brains are fast-growing and rapidly changing. Ms. Anne Kubitsky and Mrs. Tess Morrison have taken up this daunting task of answering the question that I face, and through 'Permission to Panic' have come out with a gem of a book.
"The sections on anger and fear are my favorites. The visually-appealing, colorful-yet-simple-and-accurate illustrations are fantastic. These illustrations go a long way in helping a young brain understand their own feelings. That’s a priceless achievement for the kid, for the parent, and anyone that works with kids."
- Dr. Sudhakar Shenoy
MD Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Board Certified Chicago, Illinois

Take Three Minutes to Reflect


During This Stressful Time, Be a Safe Person for Your Child. According to Dr. Lindsay Gibson, Safe People Are:

Safe Relationships buffer children against the toxic stress. Developing a safe relationship with your child is one of the most important things you can be doing for your child's emotional and physical development during the pandemic. Learn more about toxic stress here >>

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Safe Relationships Feel Like Sunshine. Ready to Add More Sunshine to Your Life?

The best way to be a safe person for your child is to be consistently supportive when they are struggling - which can be really challenging when you're struggling too. This is why we developed Look for the Good School. It will help you and your child calm down, together. It will also give you tools to have conversations about tough emotions and develop a stronger relationship. The program is free. There is no catch. We just want to help. Please join us and enjoy the program!   

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