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Did You Know You Can Wiggle Your Stress into Strength?

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Calling All Families! Try Our Free Wiggle Warrior® Challenge

Our Wiggle Warrior® Challenge is a free, online activity to help kids and their caregivers learn how to constructively use stressful feelings to identify their needs and make healthy choices. This program is perfect for parents of K - 3 kids.

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We've Expanded Our Programming!

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In Just 12 Months, Our Founder Created 26 Books For Families!

In order to do this, Anne Kubitsky wrote, designed, and self-published all 26 books without the help of a publisher (because that would take too long and kids need this content now). She also donated all books to our organization so that 100% of the proceeds support our mission. But in order to get these books into the hands of children, please consider buying some and donating them to your local library.

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Bring Our Look for the Good® Program To Your Elementary School

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Zapped? You're Not Alone

Burnout is a form of extreme physical and mental exhaustion which results from situations that are too much, for too long, without enough support. Last fall, there was actually a 221% spike in google searches for the term “signs of burnout.” So, if you're struggling with this, you're not alone. We created a free resource to help you understand why you might be feeling this way and what practical steps you can take to recharge.

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We are Grateful to Four-Time Olympian Chaunté Lowe for Her Financial Support & Inspiration

In collaboration with the fundraising efforts of Scott MacGregor at Talent Champions Council, Chaunté has supported our efforts in a variety of ways. Chaunté is not only a world champion, but a cancer survivor too! Watch the video to learn more about Chaunté's incredible journey.

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Support Us by Purchasing Our Organizational Overview

Learn about our 10 year history, our new programming, and the positive impact we've had on schools across the country. This is a beautiful, full-color book which describes our big picture plan.

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