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Dr. Gabor Maté

"Children don't get traumatized because they get hurt. Children get traumatized because they're alone with their hurt."

We Prevent Emotional Neglect 

Emotional neglect is the persistent, marked inattention to a child's needs for affection, attention, and emotional support. Because emotionally attuned, responsive relationships are essential to the healthy development of a child, their absence will activate the child's stress response, disrupting brain development and leading to a lifetime of mental and physical health issues most famously outlined in the Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study. Within the context of a school community, we empower adults to become more attuned to the children in their lives; and we empower children to "befriend" their stress whenever an adult is not available to help them.

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Our Mission

To improve the lives of K - 6 children by giving them access to social-emotional learning programming which develops healthy self-esteem.

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Look for the Good Project, Inc. is a Tiny Nonprofit with a National Reach

We offer community-based healing for K - 6 school communities to undo unwilled and unwanted "aloneness." We specifically focus on three goals:

  • Supporting the development of emotionally attuned "sunshine" relationships between adults and children to promote healthy child development and to buffer children from toxic stress
  • Teaching self-regulation strategies to build self-esteem in both children and adults, based off the latest therapeutic and SEL models
  • Creating an emotionally safe environment which increases gratitude, curiosity, and play, while also reducing stress

Our Programming Helps Children Transform Their Stress into Strength by Making "Sunshine Choices"

A "Sunshine Choice" is one that is respectful, responsible & kind. Since it's almost impossible to make a Sunshine Choice when the body's stress response is activated, we are encouraging kids to literally wiggle the stress out of their body before they attempt to make a sunshine choice. By teaching kids to identify where their are in the process of opening their heart and "befriending" their emotions (ie. regulating their nervous system), we are helping them build important pathways in their brain and core capabilities for life!

Learn More About Core Capabilities from Harvard University
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When Children Can Consistently Make "Sunshine Choices", They Build Healthy Self-Esteem

"Healthy Self-Esteem" is your ability to trust yourself to be respectful and caring, especially when you're stressed. The more you practice wiggling your stress into strength, the more you will trust yourself to be respectful, responsible and kind - no matter what the circumstance. This builds self-esteem and will make you feel good about yourself. It will also prevent your stressful emotions from hijacking your life, since you will know how to use these feelings to identify your needs and respond to them appropriately.

By Offering Skills That Are Also Helpful to Adults, We're Improving Their Ability to Support Children

Research shows that it takes just one emotionally attuned adult to buffer a child from toxic stress and dramatically improve the lifelong outcomes for that child. Imagine what it would be like if that child was surrounded by a whole community of open-hearted adults ready to attune to that child. By creating many layers of emotional support within a school environment, students are more likely to get what they need for healthy development. 

It's Never Too Late to Learn! Start Your Emotion Education

We've Already Improved School Communities in 35 States


We Have Worked With Some Great Organizations, Companies & Individuals

For the last few years, we have been working closely with OPEN (The Online Physical Education Network), an organization that provides free, outcomes-based curriculum tools to 120,000+ physical education teachers. With an equity impact of more than 60 million students, OPEN has been helping us get our content out to children all over the country! In addition to this, we've partnered with Kinzoo, a free messaging app for kids, to provide free mental health programming within their platform. We would also like to thank the Jason Mraz Foundation for their support in 2020 as we developed our Wiggle Warrior® Training!

Learn How Our Program Helped a Community Cope & Heal

Tragedy struck shortly after students ran a Gratitude Campaign at Doolittle School. Learn how our program helped this community heal, and even inspired one student to step up and help her classmates grieve.

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Our Organization is Fueled by the Work of Writer, Artist & Founder, Anne Kubitsky

Many of our programming ideas originate out of Anne's healing process of "wiggling through" her own trauma. She has a unique talent for explaining complicated subjects in fun and profoundly simple ways. She is an artist and writer, with formal training in quantitative ecology, Buddhist philosophy, children's illustration, and graphic design. She has received numerous awards for her innovative efforts to create social change - including the "Point of Light Award," a community service award originating out of The White House. She also received a "Look for the Good Day" proclamation from the Mayor of Hartford and was the subject of an original song written by Connecticut State Troubadour, Kate Callahan. She holds a BA in Biological Sciences & Philosophy from Smith College with additional training from Paier College of Art. She has been the lead author on our programming and picture books for the last 10 years.

Meet Some of Anne's Collaborators



We are headquartered at the Connecticut Association of Schools.

To contact us, please call 203.299.2693 or email: [email protected]


Look for the Good Project, Inc.

30 Realty Drive

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