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A Colorful New Workbook for Parents & Educators

Since we are introducing a lot of new content this year, we put together an introductory workbook for parents and teachers. This book will introduce all our new tools and maybe even make you feel better in the process! For a free digital copy of this book, please just follow this link >>

Buy a Physical Copy of Time to Shine

Picture Books for Young Children

(These picture books were written for children aged 5 - 8, but are fun for adults too)


 "These are amazing books which help children better understand and acknowledge their core emotions. As a father of two, having tools to discuss and manage emotional intelligence in a way that allows children to freely express how they are feeling is incredibly helpful. The books are backed with psychological peer reviewed evidence and help to move an amazing mission forward as proceeds are donated to the author's non-profit which works closely with schools on additional programming. Every parent should read these with their children."
- Sean Herman

Founder of Kinzoo & Father of Two Kids

Workbooks for Older Kids

(These workbooks were written for children aged 8 - 12)

 "With the complexities and intricacies of neuropsychology and child development made plain, these books give us the tools and tactics to not only understand, but also to somatically experience and manage big feelings."

- Benjamin Wagner

Creator of The Award-Winning PBS Documentary, Mister Rogers & Me

Student Journals

(These journals are optional workbooks for our school program)

Reinforce Learning with a Wiggle Wall

Buy Wiggle Wall Book for $24.99

A Lot of Research Went into Developing These Books!

(We encourage you to check out these resources if you need more support)