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Anne Kubitsky, CEO

Anne is the Founder & CEO of Look for the Good Project, Inc. She has received numerous awards for her innovative efforts to create social change, including the "Points of Light Award" - a community service award originating out of The White House. She holds a dual degree in biology and philosophy from Smith College, with additional undergraduate and graduate training in graphic design, illustration, and art education. Anne is the writer-illustrator behind most of our educational content, as well as the artistic director of our online programming. She has donated over 28 books to our organization.

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Jessica DeShong

Our Awesome Wiggle Warrior® Host

Jessica DeShong is a Grammy®-nominated American musician and actress. Born into a culturally diverse military family of Korean, African and Caucasian influences, she has had the pleasure of exploring many different cultures her entire life. This lifelong experience has enabled her to be skilled and adaptable within the entertainment industry. Jessica is the creator of the YouTube kids channel "Miss Jessica’s World" which helps kids foster a love of learning through music, movement and cultural exploration. Along with her captivating acting abilities, Jessica is a talented voice over artist, vocalist, pianist, violist and songwriter, bringing to life every piece of music she touches. As an artist, she seeks to be involved in projects that empower her audience, encourage thought, laughter and healing.

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Creative Credits

Writer, Director & Producer: Anne Kubitsky

Acting, Dancing & Choreography

Jessica DeShong

(Special Thanks to Melissa Deeken)



Song Na

Anne Kubitsky


Kari Yacawych

Tess Morrison

Michelle Hodges

Adult Voice Overs

Jessica DeShong

Tess Morrison

Ace Barnes

Child Voice Overs

Mike Cicarella

Zoe Schwab

K-Kids of Rock Hill

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Special Thanks To The Jason Mraz Foundation

We would like to thank the Jason Mraz Foundation for their permission to use the song "Look for the Good" in our programming, as well as their financial support in 2020 when we were first developing the Wiggle Warrior® Program. The Jason Mraz Foundation donates over $150,000 annually to organizations that provide inclusive arts education to the community.

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