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Befriend Your

Move and breathe to calm your body. Then, make a healthy choice. 


First, pound your chest like a gorilla and count down from 10. Really, try it!



Next, do 12 jumping jacks to move some of the anger up and out. (Or bounce your body 12 times.)


 Next, stomp your feet (or hands) as hard as you can for 10 seconds, to squash some of your anger into the ground.



Next, put your hands on your forehead and go, "UGGHHHHH!"


 Next, create an invisible bubble of safety around you.



And then to finish, take 3 deep breaths to shrink your anger to the size of a jellybean. Just turn on the sound and press play.


Anger helps you calmly set limits or ask for something you need.


How are you going to respectfully say "No" to someone? Are you clear about what you really need?


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