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Anxiety will help you prepare for action, be productive, and learn new things.

Befriend Your Anxiety

Sometimes we want to participate but we’re worried we might make a mistake. This is when anxiety arrives. Anxiety will help you prepare for action by being productive and trying new things. Just scroll down to start your training.

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Your Wiggle Warrior® Training:



First, shake or wiggle your whole body and oink like a pig.

(Really, try it!)


 Next, hop on one foot (or bounce your body) while naming 3 of your favorite things.


 Next, put yourself inside an invisible bubble of safety and extend your arms to the edges.


 Next, give yourself a BIG HUG.


 And then to finish, take 3 deep breaths.



Now ask yourself, “What am I anxious about? Am I worried I might fail or make a mistake? Am I anxious to ask for help?” It takes courage to try new things. And mistakes are part of learning.


Use the power of “Yet” to transform the worry of failing into the courage of trying: Say: “I can’t do this YET... I’m not good at this YET... I don’t understand this YET.” 


You can transform your anxiety into productivity and action simply by trying.


All you have to do is to START.


You got this.

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