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Befriend Your Shame

Move and breathe to calm your body. Then, make a healthy choice. 


First, put your hands on your heart and say, "Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.”


 Next, shake off some of the shame by twisting and punching the air while growling. (If that's too embarrassing, quietly squeeze your fists together 10 times so nobody can see you.)


 Next, gently pinch your eyebrows 8 times.


Uh-oh... did your shame get big again? Gently blow love on it to shrink it back down to the size of a jellybean. Just turn on the sound and press play.


 Finally, give yourself a high five and say: “I’m proud of myself for admitting my mistake, for allowing myself to feel this emotion, and for being willing to figure out what to do next.” 


Shame helps you stop and think when you've made a mistake. Be thankful you're an honest person and want to do the right thing. What do you need to fix your mistake or apologize?

What do you need to give yourself?

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