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Disappointment will help you become flexible, understanding & resilient.

Befriend Your Disappointment

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and we feel disappointed. You can wiggle your disappointment into resilience by doing a few physical activities from the Wiggle Jar. Just scroll down to start your training.

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Your Wiggle Warrior® Training:



First, put your hands on your forehead and go: "UGGHHHHH!" (Really, try it!)


 Next, turn around, throw your hands up and growl. Then turn around again and throw your hands up and growl once more.


 Next, brush off your disappointment, on both shoulders, so that you have a little more space.


 Next, stretch your hands up over your head and think about one new possibility.


 And then to finish, take 3 calming breaths.



Now, ask yourself, “What am I disappointed about? Is it time to let go of what I thought was going to happen?”


Disappointment arrives to help you accept a change or loss and shift to a new plan. 


For example, how can you look at the situation differently? Is there anything that's still working that you can be grateful for? How can you build off what is already working?


It's okay to feel disappointed.


Your disappointment is here to teach you to accept a change, to be flexible, and to calmly shift gears. 


You can do this.


Take all the time you need.

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