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Befriend Your Guilt

Move and breathe to calm your body. Then, make a healthy choice. 


First, take a deep breath and say: ”Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.”



Next, imagine your guilt in your hand. When you have a clear picture of it, take a deep breath and gently blow compassion on it until it shrinks to the size of a jellybean. 


 Next, roll your shoulders side to side 8 times.



Next, give yourself a high five and say: “I’m proud of myself for owning my mistake and taking the time to make it right.”


 Uh-oh... did your guilt get big again? Gently blow love on it until it shrinks back down to the size of a jellybean. Just turn on the sound and press play.


Guilt helps you identify when you haven't been very kind to someone and you need to do something to fix it. Is there someone you need to apologize to?

What do you need to give yourself?

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