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Befriend Your Guilt

Sometimes we make a mistake and we start to feel guilty about it. You can transform your guilt into kindness and curiosity by performing physical activities from the Wiggle Jar! Just scroll down to start your training.

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First, take a deep breath and say: ”Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. I will be okay. I made a mistake but I am not my mistake.”

(Really, try it!)



Next, imagine your guilt in your hand. When you have a clear picture of it, take a deep breath and gently blow compassion on it until it shrinks to the size of a jellybean. 


 Next, roll your shoulders side to side 8 times.



Next, give yourself a high five and say: “I’m proud of myself for owning my mistake and taking the time to make it right.”


 Uh-oh... did your guilt get big again?

Gently blow compassion on it until it shrinks back down to the size of a jellybean. (Turn on the sound and press play.)




Now, ask yourself, “What did I do that I feel guilty about? Did I make a mistake or hurt someone? Do I feel guilty because I experienced something that I think I shouldn’t have?” 


Guilt has shown up to help you get curious.


Most people get stuck in their guilt because they don't realize their guilt is here to help them.


When you take steps to get curious about your situation (instead of critical), your self-esteem will improve and you won’t feel as guilty. Instead, you will be curious about why this emotion is here, and what it has to teach you.


If you’ve made a mistake, your guilt might have shown up to help you repair it.


If you’re feeling an emotion that you think you shouldn’t have, your guilt might have shown up to help you become curious about that emotion. 


In addition to your guilt, are you also feeling rage? Or fear? Or happiness or sadness? What emotions are behind your guilt? 


Get curious and be proud of yourself. This is one of the most difficult emotions to experience… and you’re doing it! 


Let your guilt teach you to become more kind and compassionate towards yourself and others, and also accountable when you’ve made a mistake and need to repair it.


Take all the time you need.

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