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Befriend Your Heartbreak

When Heartbreak Happens, It’s Time to Slow Down



No matter how much this hurts, remember that this feeling will not last forever. 


Heartbreak shows up when a loss has happened. You could have lost a person, a pet, a place, a thing, an belief, a relationship, or something else that was really important to you. 


Your heartbreak will come and go like waves in an ocean, and you may feel other feelings too. All of these feelings are normal because there is no one way to grieve. Be gentle with yourself and ask your family and friends for support.


Even though it can hurt a lot, heartbreak opens your heart. Give yourself all the time you need to slow down and comfort yourself.


Now take 5 deep breaths:



Heartbreak helps you slow down so that you have the time and space to heal.

What do you need right now?

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