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Kids in the News!

The Look for the Good Project empowers kids to make a difference. And news stations love to talk about it! Check out some of the articles about our Look for the Good schools, and please contact us if you are in the news too! 

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Article in Western Slope Now

"Hundreds of students at Mesa View Elementary gathered in the gymnasium Monday morning to spread joy and friendship to their fellow students...."



Article in the Hartford Courant

"The bulletin boards at the Killingly Memorial School are overflowing with notes of gratitude. Sticky notes are stapled to boards in the halls and cafeteria with words of praise and thanks for people who have made a difference in the lives of these 500 second, third, and fourth graders..."


Article in We-Ha

"Students streamed into the Bugbee Elementary School auditorium Tuesday morning for the “monthly buzz” assembly, but this assembly included the announcement that a special program will be launching Monday that will involve every students in the school. Principal Kelly Brouse said she heard about the “Look for the Good” project from a friend last summer, and when she spoke with the staff about it the teachers agreed that they wanted it to be student-run..."


Article in the New Haven Register

"In today’s world, when bad news seems to dominate headlines, students at Predendergast School have found a way to find the good. For the last two weeks, the newly formed Student Council, comprised of 20 students in grades K-6, have participated in a project dubbed 'Look for the Good.' It focused on gratitude and finding good news stories in a world where those things seem harder to find these days..."


Article in Fox61

"A campaign of gratitude spent two weeks at Center Elementary School in Willington. The goal? To help children understand how they can deal with ‘toxic stress’.  That stress can lead to issues with development, mental health, addiction, violence, and other poor choices..." 


Article in the Shelton Herald

"Sunnyside Elementary’s gymnasium erupted with cheers from students as Principal Amy Yost was dropped into a dunk tank as a part of a fundraiser designed to help build a new playground, while also promoting kindness among the school’s community..."



Article in Capital Gazette

"On Jan. 6, the school launched a two-week gratitude program called the ‘Look for the Good Project.’ As part of the program, students shared their gratitude with others through ‘You Matter’ cards with pre-printed messages, stuck notes to a ‘Gratitude Wall,’ wrote letters of appreciation, read affirmations during the morning announcements and performed acts of kindness throughout the school. The start date was not a coincidence..." 



Article in The Keene Sentinel

"The corridors of the Winchester School are graced with hundreds of neon sticky notes that spill far beyond the Gratitude Walls. But there are those conspicuous small sheets of paper, and there is that word: gratitude. It’s easy to take for granted, and it’s perhaps underestimated for its power. But, for now at least, it’s not lost on this one-school community as it builds off the word as a theme to promote a more positive climate and culture..."



Article in Patch

"Central Avenue School (CAS) in Madison, NJ kicked off their two-week long “Gratitude Campaign” on October 2nd as part of a larger initiative called Look For The Good Project, a Connecticut based non-profit organization that has inspired thousands of kids nationally and internationally to uplift their school communities with gratitude and kindness. CAS is the first school in New Jersey to launch their own affiliated gratitude campaign which started with a school-wide assembly this past Friday..."



Corvallis School District 

"In an effort to nurture positive school environments, all CSD elementary schools are participating in a two-week “gratitude campaign”. This effort was inspired by the Look for the Good Project and began during the first two weeks of November. The idea behind this program is that positive thoughts and actions helps kids respond to conflict with creativity and compassion and can decrease bullying and nurture a more inclusive school community..."



Article in Gettysburg Times

"A 'Storm of Gratitude' is brewing in Cashtown. Teachers, students, and administrators donned colorful “Look for the Good” and “Attitude of Gratitude” T-shirts on Monday morning at Franklin Township Elementary School in anticipation of its forecasted arrival..."


Kids Share Their Experience...

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Our Founder Is Going To Be In A MOVIE! 

Movie producer, Benjamin Wagner, just interviewed Anne Kubitsky for his new documentary film, "Friends and Neighbors."  In her interview, Anne talks about meeting Mister Rogers when she was a kid, developing Look for the Good Project as an adult, and the importance of community care in schools. She also talks about how the pandemic inspired her to develop therapist-approved emotion characters that speak to the inner child in all of us.


Check out the letter Anne received from Mister Rogers when she was 5, and Benjamin's first movie about Mister Rogers.

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