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Befriend Your Loneliness

Move and breathe to calm your body. Then, make a choice. 

First, give yourself a hug, and let out a big sigh. Really - try it and see how it feels.


 Next, run your fingers through your hair with both hands for 10 seconds.


 Next, gently pinch around the outside of your ears 6 times. Or squish your cheeks 6 times and pretend you're this cat.


 Next, reach your hands up to the sky 10 times and think about one thing that you really like to do all by yourself.


 And then to finish, take 3 calming breaths to shrink your loneliness to the size of a jellybean. Just turn on the sound and press play.


Loneliness teaches you how to enjoy your own company. You won't feel lonely forever. But while you're alone, how can you be a better friend to yourself? What can you do or learn?

Is there something you need to ask for?

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