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Befriend Your Panic

When too much happens, too fast, you might start to panic. Wiggle your panic into perseverance by performing physical activities from the Wiggle Jar! Just scroll down to start your training.

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Your Wiggle Warrior® Training:



First, take 5 slow breaths to shrink your stress.

(Turn on the sound and press play.)



 Next, shake your arms and legs like you're getting something gooey off.


 Next, touch your thumb to each finger, one at a time.


 And then focus on this spot, or close your eyes and breathe deeply for as long as you need.




Your body probably has a lot of adrenaline in its system and just needs time to process this.


The best way to support yourself is to breathe slowly and deeply so that your belly moves in and out as you breathe. This will help your body calm down. It may take a few minutes, but you will start to feel a lot better if you keep breathing slowly and deliberately, and purse your lips like you are blowing out birthday candles. 


Even though it's uncomfortable, panic can give you focus, flexibility, and strength... as well as better belly breathing skills!


Take another deep breath and trust yourself.


Your body will tell you exactly what it needs.

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